3 Best Social Media Platforms To Help Expand An Affiliate Marketing Blog

While writing about an interesting topic is inherently fun and exciting for all bloggers, staring down a blank page for minutes on end is certainly not. The fact is that, eventually, coming up with new blog post ideas is a difficult thing, and no blogger wants to be at the mercy of an affiliate marketing company to find all of their topics. For the benefit of all bloggers, here are a few tips on finding out what the next post should be.

Following Other Bloggers

It’s important here to make the distinction between emulation and inspiration when scouting for blog post ideas. Following established bloggers and noting their output in an endeavor to find one’s own blog post ideas is a useful practice; however, blatantly ripping off the content of others provides strictly short term gains, if any, and will likely lead to the blog’s deterioration over time. By keeping an eye on the content of other blogs, bloggers can note the type of output expected in their niche, and they can verify the audience’s reaction to certain posts. Additionally, some comments in other blogs might clearly outline a demand for a related topic that hasn’t been covered yet, which provides the blogger with a clear avenue to their next post.

Analyzing Q&A Forums

One of the best ways to assess the demands of an audience is to go directly to the virtual hubs they post their questions on. Quora, for instance, is a highly useful Q&A platform where users post genuine questions that they haven’t found coverage for elsewhere on get more info the internet. Though these platforms tend to provide answers to the questions directly, these answers are not always thorough and comprehensive, which puts the blogger in a great place to expand on the answers in a fully, fleshed-out post.

Keeping an Eye on Social Media Trends

The popular social media platforms of our time are direct windows into the collective mind of our culture. By looking out for what’s trending on social media, bloggers can get a good grasp on what sort of content the public is looking to consume. No matter what the blogger’s niche is, mindful use of the platforms’ search functions can map out a direct route to the perfect blog post.

Being Open-minded and Curious, Every Day (and Carry a Pen and Paper)

This tip won’t necessarily provide the answer to a blogger who needs their next idea immediately, but it’s a fundamental blogging practice nonetheless. Inspiration tends to strike in the least likely places; going on a grocery run, walk through the park, or a bus ride on the way to work might provide the perfect platform for a useful idea to nestle into the blogger’s mind. All bloggers should get into the habit of keeping a pen and paper with them at all times to take note of useful blog ideas as they arise. By taking on a curious, open-minded perspective, bloggers will be surprised by the amount of leads they can acquire from even the most mundane days.

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